WHO: Angel Muniz

Name, company, and title:

Angel Muniz, Pixel Devil 3D (Contract/DBA), Environment Artist & FX.

Years in the game industry:

Three years modeling; one year of field experience in the industry –moving from Production and post of 12 years. I completed an internship with NASA JSC Animation & Graphics Lab as a Hard Surface modeler for pre visualization. I volunteered for OnComfort LLC. as a project manager. Now I volunteer as a Design Team mentor/coach for the HoloLens Hackathon Events in Houston. I am a HoloLens Developer working in Art & Design through environment and prop creation for Unity and Unreal Engines. I also helped co-organize 3D Learning Network on Facebook for industry vets, juniors and recent grad artists. It’s an exclusive hub for learning resources regarding industry changes and next gen software. I would like to open up and expand it in the future. I tutor in 3D art and lighting for games, film and arch viz.

Games worked on:

I’ve worked on an application, “Envirolight” for Microsoft HoloLens with Jared Bienz utilizing environment lighting information and applying it to physically based rendered art. This is so that we may improve the aesthetics of game objects pulled into the engine. We are co-writing an article on optimization for mixed reality for developers and designers.

We are currently finishing up a learning application game for the HoloLens, “Let’s Learn Binary!” due to be released this month. Our team of four, Jared Beinz, Eduardo Garza and Faysal Sharif and myself, work in our off-time to create for science, education and/or medical. I’m working on a title for entertainment on the side –to be submitted to Steam Greenlight.

Companies worked for:

I volunteer and do contract work for Design Viz Group.

 Events spoken at:

I’ve been invited to do a workshop at Peli-con in Alabama. I have not yet been on a panel for conferences, however, I fully intend to. I’m open to doing a panel or lecturing should my insight be needed.

Schools taught at:

Guest lecturer:

  • The University of Houston
  • Faulkner State College by the Department of 3D Art and Animation