Gamers of Houston is a group of video game industry professionals, students, and educators who have gathered together to encourage government leaders in the Houston area to actively support the video game industry.

Texas is the second largest state in video game development with over $800 million in revenue generated annually and with over 18,000 employed. Alas, the Houston region is not one of the pinnacle beneficiaries of those jobs and revenue. Austin and Dallas are leading the state, with Austin now ranked as second in the nation as a video game development hub.

Houston City Districts A, C, D, G, I, J and At-Large all have video game studios operating in them. As the Gamers of Houston, we have a strong case to lay out to government officials that can see our region hit the following goals in five years:

  • $250 million in revenue
  • 1,900 jobs (with an average of $103,000 annual)
  •  75 studios
  • #1 in the World for Serious Game Development (serious games are games used in health, corporate training, education, civil works, etc.)
  • #1 in the South for e-sports events. E-sports is now a $700 million industry in which people watch other people play video games, and the Houston region can readily benefit from the tourism dollars that this rising entertainment offering brings.

On May 5th, 2017, Gamers of Houston met with local government officials.  to discuss ways government leaders could increase video game industry jobs in the local region. Multi-media Reporter Geoffrey Trudeau from CW 13 covered the event.


“The city of Houston is really not providing incentives to this group of individuals that would like to stay in the City of Houston and we’re missing out on the talent,” said Houston City Councilman, Robert Gallegos, District I.

“We take very seriously these type of opportunities that might exist. We want to make sure there’s not that ‘brain drain’ you hear about,” said Asst. Economic Development Director Phil Wagner with the City of Sugar Land.


To watch the CW 13 video interview: